Workshop Proceedings

Notice: Proceedings deadline extended to 9/29/2008.

The workshop proceedings will be published by the American Institute of Physics. The deadline for submitting a paper is Monday, September 29, 2008. Detailed instructions for the preparation of the camera-ready manuscripts can be found at:

Use the 6x9 inch template. The editors will accept manuscripts in PDF format that are camera-ready. If using WORD or LaTeX, please generate a PDF file for submission using these instructions. Papers will be printed in black & white/grayscale in the bound proceedings. There will also be a CD-ROM version in which figures will appear in color. To accommodate both forms, please do not refer to color properties in the manuscript text or figure captions and use figures that remain distinct when printed in grayscale. If color printing of figures in the bound proceedings is desired, please complete the color page form and fax to Kristen Girardi (Managing Editor, AIP Conference Proceedings), fax: (516) 576-2272. The cost to the author is $228 per color page. Do not use page numbers in your file (AIP will supply these). Consult the AIP Style Manual if you require guidance on the AIP style. The maximum length of each contributed paper (including student posters) is 6 pages. Plenary invited presentations and Working Group Summaries will be allowed a maximum of 9 pages.

Manuscript upload instructions:

Authors must fill out a Transfer of Copyright Agreement, Offprint/Reprint Order form (if reprints from AIP are desired), and the Permission Request form (if using previously published material). These forms are available for download from AIP. Please FAX these forms to Carl Schroeder at 510-486-7981.

For additional information about the workshop proceedings, please contact Carl Schroeder (AAC08 Workshop Proceedings Co-Editor) or Kristen Girardi (Managing Editor, AIP Conference Proceedings).