2008 Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop

The Advanced Accelerator Concepts (AAC) Workshop is a biennial forum for discussions on advanced accelerator and beam physics and technology. It covers the wide range of advanced accelerator development, supporting future accelerator needs from High Energy Colliders to Synchrotron Radiation Sources. Topics include:

Co-organized by UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the AAC08 Workshop was held at the Chaminade Conference Center in Santa Cruz, California from July 27 – August 2, 2008.

Recent news

2008 Advanced Accelerator Concepts Prize:

The conference included presentation of the 2008 Advanced Accelerator Concepts Prize, sponsored by Bergoz Inc., France. The 2008 prize was awarded to:

Professor Chandrashekhar J. Joshi
University of California, Los Angeles

for outstanding contributions to the science and technology of Advanced Accelerator Concepts.

Student poster award winners:

Working Group 1: Laser-plasma accelerators
Poster winner: Jens Osterhoff, MPQ

Working Group 2: Computation
Poster winner: Marwan Rihaoui, NIU

Working Group 3: High gradient & EM structure based accelerators
Poster winner: Feng Gao, ANL

Working Group 4: HEDP & exotic accelerator schemes
Poster winner: Andrey Knyazik, UCLA

Working Group 5: Electron beam driven plasma accelerators
Poster winner: Ian Blumenfeld, SLAC

Working Group 6: Beam & radiation generation, monitoring & control
Poster winner: Eric J. Montgomery, U. Maryland

Important DATES

Please note revised registration information due to high demand and limited capacity. See registration page for details.

Contact for more information

Olivia Wong, Workshop Secretary
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
One Cyclotron Road, MS 71J-100A, Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone: 510·486·4182;  Fax: 510·495-2323
Email: [email protected]

The meeting organizers gratefully acknowledge the support of:

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